Thursday, September 13, 2018

Can God Stop Florence?

Significant weather events always get me much so, I had to find somewhere to put all these thoughts (the good, bad, and the ugly) - hence the creation of this blog. Tonight's "Masterpiece Theater" is Florence. Hurricane Florence is not only forecast to clash with the Carolinas, but also the Bible Belt.

Satellite image of Hurricane Florence (Sept 12, 2018)
Strong language has been coming from the Meteorology community with this one - words like "life-threatening" and "catastrophic". We all know hurricanes can be damaging near and just inland of a coastline - nothing overly new there regarding Florence. The problem with this storm, though, is the potential for it to slow down after landfall, potentially dropping one to two FEET of rain along its path as it takes a scenic trip around the Southeast.

Because of this potential, Meteorologists are encouraging "prepare, prepare, prepare". Meanwhile, the Bible Belt is encouraging "pray, pray, pray". So, should we pray? Should we prepare? Maybe a 60/40 blend of prayer and preparation? Slap up a piece of plywood, then pray for 5 minutes kind of a deal sounds good. But, what about those who don't believe in God? I suppose they'll have more boards on their houses...

I jest a little there, but seriously, what do we make of this? I personally find myself in a unique place because I speak from the Meteorology community and the Bible Belt. I am a firm believer in the Creator of this place we call earth, but I am also a firm believer in the science of this thing we call weather.

The bridge between the two is socked in with fog, making for some difficult unknowns.

Is there actually a God on the other side? And, if so, will he stop Florence in it's tracks? I have never walked through the fog nor crossed the bridge, but I believe God exists on the other side. I also believe the fog exists and, for whatever reason, is shrouding the view of what is or isn't on the other side.

I 100% believe God can stop Florence dead in its tracks. But, will he? I 100% do not know. As a Meteorologist who believes in God, I have to wrestle with this unknown all the time. I regularly encourage people to's core to my job and passion to help people understand the weather. But also core to who I am is the belief that with God, all things are possible - I know, I know, the religious red flag just went up for some. Hang with me...

I don't know if God will stop Florence or not. But, maybe that's not the question we should be asking at a time like this. The better question may be, 'should I prepare?'. The Meteorologist and Bible Belt in me says, emphatically, yes! But, as LeVar Burton used to say on "Reading Rainbow", 'Don't take my word for it'...

"A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences." - Proverbs 22:3 (aka. the Bible)


  1. Good perspective Roger! These are needed words -- the reality of God and science woven together while so many think they are distinctly opposite. And the truth that none of us know the outcome of these events. I think there's another spot in the Bible that says, "Watch and pray" -- Wisdom from Proverbs you shared! Good writing here! Thanks.

    1. Thanks Mom! It's interesting how our field studies and warns people on something that God has created, something He can change in an instant regardless of what our models say. It certainly makes for an interesting challenge as a Christian.